On October 7, 2006, Lea Dickson and I were treated to an adventure by friend, neighbor, and pilot, Don Putman. He took us up in his plane so I could photograph Sylvia Lake, all dressed up in her colorful Fall finest. I took over 230 photos during the hour flight...that's about three shots per minute. Our route took us from Hendrick Field in Gouverneur, to Sylvia Lake, back to Gouverneur to Black Lake. We would both like to thank Don for his generosity.

Of course, I can't share all 230 photos over the website, but I did select and organize a few of the Sylvia Lake shots for you all to see. If you go to my other websites, you will see some on the Gouverneur Country Club website and the Gouverneur Chamber of Commerce website.

There are a few ways for you to view the slides. Your viewing experience may depend on your Internet connection.

Enjoy the trip!
Shari Barnhart (click to email me)


This shot of Sylvia Lake is available as a poster,
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